A Farmyard Access Control System and Method

Adamu Murtala Zungeru (Inventor), Joseph Monamati Chuma (Inventor), Mmoloki Mangwala (Inventor), Keobakile Tlaang (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


A farmyard access control system (100) is for use in a farmyard which includes an animal enclosure (10) with an access opening (12) having a gate (16) with a motor (18). The system (100) has an input arrangement (108) operable to receive a user input and a sensor arrangement (106) directed towards the access opening (12) and configured to sense passage of an animal through the access opening (12). A counter module (102) a sensor input (106.1) and is configured to count a number of animals which have passed through the access opening (14), and a counter output (102.1) connected or connectable at least to a display unit. A gate module (104) includes a gate control output (104.2) which is connected or connectable to the gate motor (18), the gate module (104) being operable to communicate a gate open signal to the gate motor (18) in response to receipt of the input indicative, and includes a sensor input (106.2) connected to the sensor (106), wherein the gate module (104) is operable to generate a gate close signal in response to a predetermined idle time elapsing in which a sensor signal was not received from the sensor.
Original languageEnglish
IPCG07C 9/00 (2006.01
Filing date12/22/16
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2018


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