Electrolytic deposition of manganese dioxide from Nigerian manganese ore using graphite electrodes

R. A. Muriana, L. U. Omeye, Oladiran Kamaldeeen Abubakre, Edison Muzenda, S. Ndlovu, Ambali Saka Abdulkareem

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


Super rich manganese dioxide got deposited at the anode when manganese sulphate solution was electrolytically decomposed, and the deposits called Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide (EMD). Manganese ore containing about 35.79% manganese from Ka’oje (Kebbi State, Nigeria) with pyrolusite (MnO2) as the major manganese mineral alongside iron mineral present as hematite, was the resource material. Some 1973.31g of beneficiated ore sample (75 to 600μm) was isothermally reduced with charcoal (52.17% carbon) at 6000C for one hour. The paramagnetic high oxide ore got reduced to a ferromagnetic lower oxide containing 38.90% manganese. Some 610g portions of the reduced ore were leached in varied concentrations of sulphuric acid (1.0M, 1.5M and 2.0M) at 500C for one hour and 42.36% leaching efficiency was achieved with 2.0M acid. Calculated elemental mass balance revealed that 2.0M acid dissolved 100.52g of manganese into the leach liquor as manganese sulphate along with 13.83g of iron and 7.47g of aluminium as the major elements. Each leach filtrate was purified with aqueous sodium hydroxide except some 600ml of filtrate from 2.0M acid leaching which was decomposed unpurified for comparison. The filtrates were respectively electrolyzed at 2.5V, 3.0V and 4.0V driving potentials for five hours using graphite electrodes. Analyses showed that the purified liquor extracted with 2.0M acid and electrolysed at 4.0V deposited the best quantity and quality of EMD, containing 98% MnO2. This high grade EMD is a principal precursor in Ferro-alloy production for steel making and also an important raw material for electrochemical cells and other allied manganese-based chemicals.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 2017
Event2nd International Engineering Conference 2017 - Minna, Nigeria
Duration: Oct 17 2017Oct 19 2017


Conference2nd International Engineering Conference 2017
Abbreviated titleIEC 2017


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