Future challenges of IoT sensor networks

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IoT opportunities and application domains are endless and equally have shortcomings that need to be addressed. This section broadens the open research areas that need to be further investigated to address the challenges in IoT networks. We highlight potential future directions and futuristic applications that can help alleviate these challenges. Although the application of IoT has been widely adopted, an extensive research effort still needs to be done in this direction. This chapter aims to further discuss and collate future work direction in the area of IoT sensor networks to give insights to researchers for areas that still need investigation in wireless IoT sensor networks. Open research areas in IoT sensor networks include hardware security, lack of lightweight cryptographic algorithms, lack of trust management systems, lack of lightweight, secure routing protocols, and anti-malware solutions. Future challenges have been exposed in this chapter, with the hope of encouraging further investigations in the development of the themes outlined in this chapter.

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