Investigation of survival/hazard rate of natural ester treated with al2o3 nanoparticle for power transformer liquid dielectric

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Increasing usage of petroleum-based insulating oils in electrical apparatus has led to increase in pollution and, at the same time, the oils adversely affect the life of electrical apparatus. This increases the demand of Mineral Oil (MO), which is on the verge of extinction and leads to conducting tests on natural esters. This work discusses dielectric endurance of Marula Oil (MRO), a natural ester modified using Conductive Nano Particle (CNP) to replace petroleum-based dielectric oils for power transformer applications. The Al2O3 is a CNP that has a melting point of 2072C and a low charge relaxation time that allows time to quench free electrons during electrical discharge. Al2O3 is blended with the MRO and Mineral Oil (MO) in different concentrations. The measured dielectric properties are transformed into mathematical equations using the Lagrange interpolation polynomial functions and compared with the predicted values either using Gaussian or Fourier distribution functions. Addition of Al2O3 indicates that 0.75 g/L in MRO has an 80% survival rate and 20% hazard rate compared to MO which has 50% survival rate and 50% hazard rate. Considering the measured or interpolated values and the predicted values, they are used to identify the MRO and MO’s optimum concentration produces better results. The test result confirms the enhancement of the breakdown voltage up to 64%, kinematic viscosity is lowered by up to 40% at 110C, and flash/fire points of MRO after Al2O3 treatment enhanced to 14% and 23%. Hence the endurance of Al2O3 in MRO proves to be effective against electrical, physical and thermal stress.

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Article number1510
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Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - Mar 1 2021

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