Top-Down Fabrication Process of ZnO NWFETs

Nonofo Ditshego, Suhana M. Sultan

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ZnO NWFETs were fabricated with and without Al2O3 passivation. This was done by developing a new recipe for depositing the thin film of ZnO. By using a high donor concentration of 1.7 x 1018 cm-3 for the thin film, contact resistance values were lowered (passivated device had Rcon = 2.5 x 104 Ω; unpassivated device had Rcon = 3.0 x 105 Ω). By depositing Zn first instead of O2, steep subthreshold slopes were obtained. The passivated device had a subthreshold slope of 225mV/decade and the unpassivated device had a slope of 125 mV/decade. Well-behaved
electrical characteristics have been obtained and the passivated device shows field effect mobility of
10.9 cm2/Vs and the un-passivated device shows a value of 31.4 cm2

/Vs. To verify the results, 3D
simulation was also carried out which shows that the obtained values of sub-threshold slope
translate into interface state number densities of -1.86 x 1013 cm-2 for the unpassivated device and 3.35 x 1014 cm-2 for the passivated device. The passivated device is suitable for biosensing
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)77-92
JournalJournal of Nano Research
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2019


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